April 21, 2016 Simon Jeffries

Have you got enough money to live off for the rest of your life?

At any point in your life have you asked yourself this question? If you haven’t, do not panic, you are not alone.

Today, far too many individuals, families, business owners, and busy entrepreneurs tend to be working so hard in their business that they are not making the time to plan for their financial future or do not want to think about planning financially for the rest of their lives. But remember life is not a rehearsal; so do not say to yourself or to someone else “maybe one day…” as that day may never come!

You absolutely should live life today and to its max. A huge number of people don’t know or would rather not know the key fundamental facts about their finances. Do you know what your monthly/annual expenditure is? Have you got an accurate picture of all your income and outgoings?

What is your Net Worth? Do you know what your “number” is? (the amount you need monthly/annually to support the lifestyle you have)? What if you wanted to plan out your finances until you reached 100 years old…? Your Lifestyle and Financial plans need a structure, a process, a methodology… What do you need to do so that you don’t run out of money? This information is all readily available with a Lifestyle Financial Mentor, a trusted partner who helps, guides and keeps you informed, to help you live the life you want to live. It’s not about financial products or financial advice. How can anyone offer you financial advice if they have no understanding of your life, of who you are? A Lifestyle Financial Mentor will want to know about your lifestyle, as a Life Planner in the first instance, and then using smart cashflow modelling which uses the latest UK tax changes, as a Financial Planner.

What is the truth about money? It’s not about which fund manager is better than another, or which company’s share price is likely to outperform a competitor, it’s about what needs to happen for you to maintain and live the life you have been accustomed to. Working with a Lifestyle Financial Mentor through “What if…” scenarios, will demonstrate that you could work until 62, rather than say 65, and still have a Lifestyle change (retirement) and afford to do what you wanted to, i.e. 3 years earlier than you thought possible. You can of course see from the charts at what age you may run out of money if you haven’t planned it right. Or the fact that you can give extra money away to children/grand-children without having an impact on your lifestyle.

So how do you go about trying to find a Lifestyle Financial Mentor right for you? Someone you can build trust with. Someone who exhibits honesty and integrity and who you feel is doing the right thing for you by adding real value? Start by having a power conversation with a Lifestyle Financial Mentor to understand how they can help you, what added value they can offer you and your family? Your life? And importantly, if they are the right person for you to work with?

If you want to take responsibility for your financial future and would like to know more, lets have a powerful conversation, in confidence. It could change you life.

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